VMI WORLDWIDE plays the KILL GAME for Cannes
CANNES 2014 - Vantage Media International has acquired Worldwide Rights to director Robert Mearns' much anticipated slasher film Kill Game, starring Joe Adler,  Laura Ashley Samuels, Pierson Fode, Ryan Carr and Tommy Beardmore.   The announcement was made jointly by Andre Relis, Founder and President of VMI Worldwide and Mary Murray, Owner of Full Throttle Pictures.

Described by producer Marty Murray as "I Know What You Did Last Summer" meets "Scream", the film is a
white-knuckle scary slasher film.  Five years after a high school prank gone horribly wrong, a group of good looking, shallow and at time cruel pranksters find themselves on the wrong end of the joke as they are stalked by a masked killer who designs their deaths after the pranks they once played. 

"VMI is thrilled to acquired worldwide rights to Kill Game, a bold, original and terrifying horror film that delivers something both fresh and scary that genre fans have come to expect" said Relis. "We look forward to introducing this exciting film to a global audience at this year's Cannes market."

Andre Relis, President of VMI Worldwide and Stanley Monahan, Director of Acquisitions and Development negotiated the deal with Murray and Producer Justin Nesbitt.
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